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Conservative Care

Most often, our practice focuses on conservative care prior to considering surgical intervention.  The standard of care with many foot and ankle ailments demands that conservative care be tried first.  Fortunately, many foot and ankle problems are successfully treated this way.  Some examples of conservative care options and treatments we provide include:
  • Diabetic foot exams:  Research has shown that a minimum of a one-time diabetic foot exam decreases the risk of foot ulcers, decreases the risk of hospitalization for foot infection and decreases the chance of foot amputation. 
  • Routine foot care (nails, corns, calluses):  An initial exam will determine if this is a covered (insurance) service for you.  
  • Durable medical equipment (DME):  We are licensed providers of custom molded orthotics, splints, braces, cast boots, surgical shoes, etc. and able to bill insurance for these items when applicable.  We have a great working relationship with a quality custom molded orthotics laboratory right here in Ohio (Controlled Step Orthotics).
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